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Best Rates For Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Private Lessons in Orange County! RocknRollBJJ & Fitness!   Leave a comment

Don’t pay ridiculous $100 per hour rates to get one on one attention from an experienced Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor!
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Why RocknRoll BJJ Private Lessons (RNR BJJ)?

  • You will receive patient, detailed instruction from an experienced certified Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor and personal trainer!
  • You will learn amazing new Brazilian jiu jitsu techniques as taught to me by legends like Rickson Gracie, Professor Marcelo Carvalho, Rigan Machado and Master Joe Moreira!
  • You choose the time that is best for your busy schedule, and, I can teach you at my location or yours!
  • RNR BJJ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu programs and teachings adapt to your pace and ability making learning fun and safe!
  • You will burn 600-1000 calories per session depending on the intensity of our work out!
  • Train and learn from a black belt or a purple belt depending on your needs and budget!
What are you waiting for? Get good at BJJ fast!
Oh, and be sure to check out some of RNRBJJ instructional videos on the RocknRollBJJ Youtube Channel
Happy training!


Here is one of my favorite brazilian jiu jitsu techniques.  Its very basic, and sometimes people forget that sometimes less is more.

Be sure to check out some more of my favorite techniques at the RocknRollBJJ Youtube Channel!

Whats Up With The Wrestling Shoes? We’re Doing BJJ!   Leave a comment

This is a big pet peeve of mine!  Wrestling shoes when we are doing jiu jitsu!  What the hell?  We are doing BJJ.  I don’t want to feel your shoe scrape my face when you do certain techniques.  Super lame!  And whats even lamer, most of the guys who wear their gay little wrestling shoes, don’t take off the stupid things when they go to the bathroom. This selfish and thoughtless action tracks urine and fun bacteria onto the mat.

So if you can’t be considerate enough to take them off for your roll partners during training, at least take them off when you go to the bathroom for the sake of the kids class that will be on the mats after you!

Mike Dunn of Gazze MMA Wins Gold In Absolute at US Open!   Leave a comment

Congratulations to my friend Mike Dunn of Gazze MMA in Orange County! Mike won bronze in his purple division at the US Open this weekend! But, even better, he won gold in the absolute! Congrats Mike!

Our Global Jiu Jitsu Academy is inside Anytime Fitness Fountain Valley.  Mike Dunn is a personal trainer at the gym and is part owner of TAF, Team America Fitness!  We see Mike everyday at the gym and training people and even though he trains at Gazze MMA, we consider him our Jiu Jitsu brother!

Congratulations again Mike!

BJJ Tip! – Wash That Stinky Gi! Roll Partners Will Be Happy! Plus, Save Money!   Leave a comment

I can’t believe that you have to tell people this stuff, but every once in a while I guess it still has to be said.  Wash that gi!  No one wants to roll with someone who smells like cat piss and whose gi is chuck full of bacteria!

For the consideration of  your roll partners, wash the gi!  If you roll once, you might be able to immediately throw it out in the sun and get another roll out of it.  But, if the thing is soaked and you tie it up in a ball and throw it in  your car overnight to ferment, don’t use it until you wash it again.

If being considerate of others is beyond your grasp, then think about this.  You sweat uric acid and urea acid.  This will break down the material of your gi, if you don’t wash it often!   So, washing your gi will save you money in the long run! This way you can save your money for some Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Private Lessons at RocknRoll Brazilian Jiu Jitsu  and Fitness!

Happy training!

Global Jiu Jitsu Academy – Open Mat To All Every Friday Night!   Leave a comment

Come on down to Global Jiu Jitsu Academy in Fountain Valley California!

Every Friday night there is open mat from 6:30-8:30pm!

All schools and belt levels welcome!  Come have roll, share techniques, and have fun!

Come roll with us with over 1,500 square feet of mat space!

BJJ Collar Choke Technique   Leave a comment

Here is one of my favorite chokes broken down.

Come try out some bjj private lessons at RocknRoll Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!




BJJ Techniques! My Favorite Sweep and Arm Bars!   Leave a comment

Interested in taking some BJJ Private Lessons? Come try out some private jiu jitsu lessons with me!

Here is one of my favorite jiu jitsu games to play when your  opponent is in your guard! 

More info and techniques at

Happy training!

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Congratulations again to Dana Riddle for winning gold in his division at the American National Jiu Jitsu Competition! Congratulations to Dana’s Professor, Marcelo Carvalho as well!

Dana Riddle and Professor Marcelo Carvalho of Global Jiu Jitsu Academy on Podium again!

Come train with Professor Marcelo Carvalho at Global Jiu Jitsu Academy in Fountain Valley California! Open mat every first Friday of each month!




Train BJJ at Global Jiu Jitsu and Train With World Champions!   Leave a comment

Come train at Global Jiu Jitsu in Fountain Valley California and you will be training with world champions!  We have regular visits from the GF TEAM BRAZIL  and seminars!  Not to mention, Professor Marcelo Carvalho’s teaching is backed with 34 years in martial arts!

Feel free to come on by and visit!

We have open mats on the first Friday of every month!  All schools and belt levels are invited to come by train, roll, share techniques and make new friends!