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So back when I first started jiu jitsu, there was never any music in the dojos while we trained.  But, nowadays, most places I train have music playing in the background.   Trouble is I have no control over what is being played.

As most of you know and for those reading who don’t know our sports jargon, when we spar in brazilian jiu jitsu, we call it ‘rolling’. 

Hence the name RocknRoll BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) & Fitness!  Sometimes I shorten it to RNR BJJ & Fitness.  The idea is when you come train jiu jtsu at RocknRoll BJJ you get cutting edge technique and insruction, as well as, your choice of music for your workout! 

I love training jiu jitsu.  It the best to crank the music and do a fast flow roll for as long as possible.  Rock n Roll!

Come train with me anytime!

Im also a personal trainer and have a great RocknRoll Jiu Jitsu based fitness program!  Lose weight fast!  Super fun!




RocknRoll BJJ Technique – Sweep and Two Armbars!   Leave a comment

Here is one of my favorite sweeps because it has a couple great options if the sweep fails!

If you like what you see, check out more videos at

Happy training!

Happy Thanksgiving from RocknRoll BJJ & Fitness Orange County!   Leave a comment

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!  I am very thankful for all the great people in my life, good friends, a roof over my head and food to eat!

Have a great day and happy training!


If you live in Orange County, California, now is a great time to try some Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Private Lessons!  RocknRoll BJJ & Fitness is having a holiday special!

Buy a package of four Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Private Lessons and get the fifth lesson FREE!  Offer is good until January 15, 2012 so act now and SAVE!

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Don’t pay ridiculous $100 per hour rates to get one on one attention from an experienced Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor!
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Why RocknRoll BJJ Private Lessons (RNR BJJ)?

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  • Train and learn from a black belt or a purple belt depending on your needs and budget!
My name is Rich Z and I am a certified brazilian jiu jitsu purple belt instructor and personal trainer. It makes no sense to pay top dollar to learn basic moves or to have a convenient roll partner who can work around your schedule. I teach beginners all the way up to purple belt and also roll with all belt levels who just want mat time! I have taught at the Chapman University Jiu Jitsu Club, teach daily at Global Jiu Jitsu under Professor Marcelo Carvalho and have helped make gold medal champions!
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Have a great day and hope to hear from you soon!
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Racism Gets Knocked Out! Dos Santos Takes Out ‘Brown Pride’ Valesquez!   Leave a comment

I was really happy to see racism get knocked out in the first round!

First of I would like to say I love hispanic, latin, etc people very much.  But just like I don’t want to see anyone with ‘white pride’ tattooed on them, I sure don’t want to see ‘brown pride.’  Though I do have some hispanic friends that seem to think Lame Cain’s tattoo represents their heritage, most of my hispanic friends don’t want to be represented that way.  And, when asked since when is brown a heritage, they look at me kind of funny.

I respect Cains skills and hard work.  I think he is an amazing athlette.  But I think he is confused regarding his brown pride tattoo.  Imagine if Lesnar had a giant ‘white pride’ tattoo on his chest and the fans yelled white pride.  Pretty silly, huh?

Anyhow, Im glad racism got what it deserved early in the first round!