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Global Jiu Jitsu Belt Ceremony In Fountain Valley Was Awesome!   Leave a comment

Global Jiu Jitsu Academy in Fountain Valley California belt ceremony December 10th was awesome!

I was especially happy to get my brown belt from Professor Marcelo Carvalho!

The academy was packed with GJJA students young and old, parents and friends.  Marcelo promoted a few other people besides myself.  Mike Garza, Andy Kuiland and Chris Romero were promoted to purple belt.  If you think you have heard of Chris Romero before, you are probably right.  He is a world champion in Karate a few times over.

Chris Romero’s brother, Tony ‘the Assassin’ Romero, who is 68 by the way, was promoted to blue belt.  Dana Riddle was also promoted to blue belt.  Thank God because he has ben bringing the heat to everyone!

The kids part of the ceremony was also alot of fun.  The kids have all tried really hard and are really amazing.

If you get a chance and are in so cal, come train with us!

Rich Zaydel Is Promoted to Brown Belt by Professor Marcelo Carvalho

Rich Zaydel Is Promoted to Brown Belt by Professor Marcelo Carvalho


I am head instructor and trainer at RocknRoll BJJ & Fitness but I am also an assistant instructor at Global Jiu Jitsu Academy under Professor Marcelo Carvalho.  Professor Carvalho is a great instructor for all ages young and old, but he was inducted into the martial arts hall of fame specifically for his teaching of martial arts to children.

If you live in the Orange County, California area and are looking for a great place for your kids to learn self defense, discipline and respect for themselves as well as others, then look no further!  Global Jiu Jitsu Academy offers flexible schedules and great family packages that are affordable even in this tough economy!

To learn more come on by or check out the Global Jiu Jitsu Academy website!