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GFTeam In The House! I Rolled With World Champions at Global Jiu Jitsu!   1 comment

When the Pan Ams come to Southern California once a year, everyone at Global Jiu Jitsu Academy get s really excited.  About a week before the tournament begins, GFTeam world champions start rolling in to train with us.

Our master, Professor Marcelo Carvalho is cousins with the Master of the GFTeam, Julio Cesar Pereira.  How lucky is that?  When the team visits, the dojo is packed wall to wall with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belts with Master Pereira teaching.   We get to roll with Rodolfo Vieira, Theodoro Canal, Igor Santos, Wancler Oliveira, Vanessa OliveiraRicardo Evangelista and Denilson Pimenta just to name a few.

I came in one morning on an off day and ended up getting to roll with about a dozen black belts all to myself!

Rich Zaydel, Wancler Oliveira, Igor Santos, Ricardo Evangelista!

Rich Zaydel of RocknRoll BJJ & Fitness and some of the GFTeam world champions at Global Jiu JItsu Academy

Here I am, Rich Zaydel, with Wancler OliveiraIgor Santos and Ricardo Evangelista just to name a few.  Sorry I couldn’t remember everyone’s name!

The GFTeam have the most amazing jiu jitsu and are the nicest guys in the world!

If you are in the Orange County area, come by and try out some classes for free at Global Jiu Jitsu Academy (GJJA)

IF you are looking for brazilian jiu jitsu private lessons or personal training, I can be reached at RocknRoll Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Be sure to check out some of my favorite techniques on the RocknRollBJJ Youtube Channel:

Happy training!

Pan Ams 2012, Deja Vu and Dana Riddle of Global Jiu Jitsu / GFTeam Wins Gold!   Leave a comment

Like I said in the earlier post, the 2012 Pan Ams was awesome!  I had a great time hanging out with old friends and supporting my Global Jiu Jitsu / GFTeam teammates.

It was especially exciting because my friends and morning roll partners did amazing.  Andrew Goodman took bronze in his division and murdered his opponent 13-0 in his first fight.  Andy is a seven foot tall advanced purple belt and has a very technical guard game.

Deja Vu set in as Dana Riddle did it again.  He won gold in his white belt division last year.  This year as blue belt was no different.  Dana submitted three out of four of his opponents with only one of his fights going the distance.

Congratulations Dana RIddle and Global Jiu Jitsu / GFTeam

Congratulations Dana RIddle and Global Jiu Jitsu / GFTeam

All the Global Jiu Jitsu competitors fought hard and are extremely tough!

Come on by and try out a class for free if you are in the Orange County, California area!

Happy training!

Rigan Machado Is Coming To Global Jiu Jitsu Academy In Fountain Valley CA!   Leave a comment

Rigan Machado is coming to Global Jiu Jitsu Academy in Fountain Valley Califorina January 30th 20112!  This will be another great seminar! Rigan came last year to GJJA and his seminar was a lot of fun!

Rigan Machado and Rich Zaydel at Global Jiu Jitsu Academy Fountain Valley CA

Rigan Machado and Rich Zaydel at Global Jiu Jitsu Academy Fountain Valley CA

The seminar starts at 6:30 pm and will last about two hours.  Come learn from this legend with us!  All schools and jiu jitsu practitioners are welcome!  Only $25

Directions and contact information available at

Mike Dunn of Gazze MMA Wins Gold In Absolute at US Open!   Leave a comment

Congratulations to my friend Mike Dunn of Gazze MMA in Orange County! Mike won bronze in his purple division at the US Open this weekend! But, even better, he won gold in the absolute! Congrats Mike!

Our Global Jiu Jitsu Academy is inside Anytime Fitness Fountain Valley.  Mike Dunn is a personal trainer at the gym and is part owner of TAF, Team America Fitness!  We see Mike everyday at the gym and training people and even though he trains at Gazze MMA, we consider him our Jiu Jitsu brother!

Congratulations again Mike!

Global Jiu Jitsu Academy – Open Mat To All Every Friday Night!   Leave a comment

Come on down to Global Jiu Jitsu Academy in Fountain Valley California!

Every Friday night there is open mat from 6:30-8:30pm!

All schools and belt levels welcome!  Come have roll, share techniques, and have fun!

Come roll with us with over 1,500 square feet of mat space!

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Congratulations again to Dana Riddle for winning gold in his division at the American National Jiu Jitsu Competition! Congratulations to Dana’s Professor, Marcelo Carvalho as well!

Dana Riddle and Professor Marcelo Carvalho of Global Jiu Jitsu Academy on Podium again!

Come train with Professor Marcelo Carvalho at Global Jiu Jitsu Academy in Fountain Valley California! Open mat every first Friday of each month!




Train BJJ at Global Jiu Jitsu and Train With World Champions!   Leave a comment

Come train at Global Jiu Jitsu in Fountain Valley California and you will be training with world champions!  We have regular visits from the GF TEAM BRAZIL  and seminars!  Not to mention, Professor Marcelo Carvalho’s teaching is backed with 34 years in martial arts!

Feel free to come on by and visit!

We have open mats on the first Friday of every month!  All schools and belt levels are invited to come by train, roll, share techniques and make new friends!