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GFTeam In The House! I Rolled With World Champions at Global Jiu Jitsu!   1 comment

When the Pan Ams come to Southern California once a year, everyone at Global Jiu Jitsu Academy get s really excited.  About a week before the tournament begins, GFTeam world champions start rolling in to train with us.

Our master, Professor Marcelo Carvalho is cousins with the Master of the GFTeam, Julio Cesar Pereira.  How lucky is that?  When the team visits, the dojo is packed wall to wall with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belts with Master Pereira teaching.   We get to roll with Rodolfo Vieira, Theodoro Canal, Igor Santos, Wancler Oliveira, Vanessa OliveiraRicardo Evangelista and Denilson Pimenta just to name a few.

I came in one morning on an off day and ended up getting to roll with about a dozen black belts all to myself!

Rich Zaydel, Wancler Oliveira, Igor Santos, Ricardo Evangelista!

Rich Zaydel of RocknRoll BJJ & Fitness and some of the GFTeam world champions at Global Jiu JItsu Academy

Here I am, Rich Zaydel, with Wancler OliveiraIgor Santos and Ricardo Evangelista just to name a few.  Sorry I couldn’t remember everyone’s name!

The GFTeam have the most amazing jiu jitsu and are the nicest guys in the world!

If you are in the Orange County area, come by and try out some classes for free at Global Jiu Jitsu Academy (GJJA)

IF you are looking for brazilian jiu jitsu private lessons or personal training, I can be reached at RocknRoll Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Be sure to check out some of my favorite techniques on the RocknRollBJJ Youtube Channel:

Happy training!

Easy Kimura by Rich Zaydel – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Basics – RocknRollBJJ & Fitness   Leave a comment

I like to keep things as simple as possible.  As I have said in many of my posts, I am nothing special, just an average guy who loves jiu jitsu.  I love it so much that even though I am not as athletic as many of my training partners, I will put in the extra work to try to keep up.  Through trial and error over the years, I have found moves that work well for me and I found better ways to break down the move so its understandable to the average Joe like myself.  I hope they make your life easier and jiu jitsu more fun for you!

Here is a very jiu ijtsu 101 move, the kimura.  I also added an option of a sweep when your opponent defends the position by grabbing his belt.  If you would like to see something specific, please let me know through facebook at Rich Zaydel.

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RocknRoll BJJ & Fitness Youtube Channel!   Leave a comment

Im always looking for new techniques to share or to find those elusive details that make the basic moves work better!  So, be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel!  I have some videos I have made myself that I think you will like and may not have seen before!  I also have collected quite a few favorites that I think you will appreciate.

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Happy training!

BJJ Tip! – Wash That Stinky Gi! Roll Partners Will Be Happy! Plus, Save Money!   Leave a comment

I can’t believe that you have to tell people this stuff, but every once in a while I guess it still has to be said.  Wash that gi!  No one wants to roll with someone who smells like cat piss and whose gi is chuck full of bacteria!

For the consideration of  your roll partners, wash the gi!  If you roll once, you might be able to immediately throw it out in the sun and get another roll out of it.  But, if the thing is soaked and you tie it up in a ball and throw it in  your car overnight to ferment, don’t use it until you wash it again.

If being considerate of others is beyond your grasp, then think about this.  You sweat uric acid and urea acid.  This will break down the material of your gi, if you don’t wash it often!   So, washing your gi will save you money in the long run! This way you can save your money for some Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Private Lessons at RocknRoll Brazilian Jiu Jitsu  and Fitness!

Happy training!

BJJ Collar Choke Technique   Leave a comment

Here is one of my favorite chokes broken down.

Come try out some bjj private lessons at RocknRoll Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!




BJJ Techniques! My Favorite Sweep and Arm Bars!   Leave a comment

Interested in taking some BJJ Private Lessons? Come try out some private jiu jitsu lessons with me!

Here is one of my favorite jiu jitsu games to play when your  opponent is in your guard! 

More info and techniques at

Happy training!

Andrew Kuiland wins Silver in NO Gi!   Leave a comment

I just found out Andrew Kuiland of Global Jiu Jitsu Academy won silver at the American National Jiu Jitsu Championships! Congratulations Andy!

Also, my friend Mike Dunn from Gazze Academy won silver in his division! Congratulations Mike!

Come train with us if you are in the SoCal area anytime!


Dana Riddle of Global Jiu Jitsu Academy Wins Gold Medal!   Leave a comment

What a great weekend for BJJ!  I had a lot of my friends and teammates compete at the American National Jiu-Jitsu Gi and No-Gi Championship!  I was very happy my friend and morning training partner, Dana Riddle of Global Jiu Jitsu Academy, won gold in his division!  Congratulations Dana!  Andrew Kuiland, who usually manages to end up somewhere on the podium, had a tough first fight and lost by two lousy advantage points.  You are welcome to come train with Dana or Andy under Professor Marcelo Carvalho anytime!  Come on by!

RocknRoll Brazilian Jiu Jitsu now has a blog!   Leave a comment

Alright!  Lets talk bjj, new techniques, fighters you like, gis, fitness, exercises and drills related to martial arts!

Here is one of my favorite ways to break down the triangle choke from open guard.  Let me know if  you have some cool new techniques you want to talk about.

Ive been doing bjj on and off for 15 years.  Ive been a purple belt for a while now and I hope to have my brown belt in the near future.

I am an assistant instructor under Professor Marcelo Carvalho at Global Jiu Jitsu Academy and head instructor at RocknRoll BJJ & Fitness.

Let me know if you have some good stuff to share!