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Women! Lose The BABYWEIGHT In As Little As Eight Weeks!   Leave a comment

Ladies!  Shed that Baby Weight!
Did you know that women who exercise at low to moderate levels during pregnancy are more likely to return to pre-pregnancy weight within eight weeks of giving birth than women who skip the gym or trainer?

Now you know!  So don’t delay.  Be good to yourself.

I have great fitness programs for men and women!  Schedule your FREE health and fitness assessment with me today!  Lets work together to and devise a fitness program for  you to do during your pregnancy and post-pregnancy!

RocknRoll Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Personal Training Orange County, California!

RocknRoll BJJ & Fitness – Rich Zaydel’s Favorite Techniques!   Leave a comment


These are some of my favorite techniques and set ups.  I am an average guy, and think these would be fun and easy to learn if you are just starting out.

Come train with me if you are in the Southern California area!  I have the best rates for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Personal Training in Orange Coutny!

Be sure to check out my other videos on the RocknRoll BJJ Youtube Channel

And, yes, I have a facebook page finally!  Please come by and like the RocknRoll Brazilian Jiu Jitsu page!

Happy training everyone!

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Based Personal Training – RocknRoll BJJ & Fitness   Leave a comment

Want a fun way to lose weight?  Want to get results fast?  Then try a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu based training session at RocknRoll BJJ & Fitness in Orange County California!

The program will include a bit of jiu jitsu based drills, exercises and warm ups, mixed with yoga and pilates.  The routine is easily adaptable to all ages, body types and athletic ability.  Its a great way to stay in shape and hone foundations of brazilian jiujitsu.  Plus, its a great way to lose weight at a fast, yet healthy rate!

John lost almost 50 pounds in six months at GJJA!

Rich and John after training. John has lost almost 50 pounds!

A friend, student and client, John, has lost quite a bit of weight.  He is down 50 pounds in about six months.

So if you are in the Orange County area, give a call and lets train!  You will have lots of fun!

RocknRoll Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Personal Training!



So back when I first started jiu jitsu, there was never any music in the dojos while we trained.  But, nowadays, most places I train have music playing in the background.   Trouble is I have no control over what is being played.

As most of you know and for those reading who don’t know our sports jargon, when we spar in brazilian jiu jitsu, we call it ‘rolling’. 

Hence the name RocknRoll BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) & Fitness!  Sometimes I shorten it to RNR BJJ & Fitness.  The idea is when you come train jiu jtsu at RocknRoll BJJ you get cutting edge technique and insruction, as well as, your choice of music for your workout! 

I love training jiu jitsu.  It the best to crank the music and do a fast flow roll for as long as possible.  Rock n Roll!

Come train with me anytime!

Im also a personal trainer and have a great RocknRoll Jiu Jitsu based fitness program!  Lose weight fast!  Super fun!